What is your turnaround time?
I try my best to get all orders out in a timely manner. I shoot for shipping an order out generally within 2-3 weeks. 

Are your products safe?
Each item is carefully handmade & self inspected. Every teething product with an open end is made with a wooden bead to ensure the silicone beads cannot slide over. All products are made with food grade silicone & hard white maple. Always inspect the condition of the products. Monitor use, never leave a child unattended with any teething product. Our customers understand that, by purchasing the customer assumes responsibility and liability for using the products safely. 

How do I clean my item?
Products are easy to keep clean, hand wash with warm soapy water prior and after use. Discard if you notice any significant signs of damage. Over time wooden beads may begin to dull// you may choose to reseal the wood with our handmade beeswax balm, or create your wood balm!