April 20th, 2020. STARTING A BUSINESS

Starting a business is easy, you choose an art, create a name, then sell stuff, right? WRONG. YOU SWIM OR YOU SINK. In order to start and run a (successful) business. You MUST, I REPEAT MUST, be organized and ensure you create a business plan to follow. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no expert. But I did the desperate doggy-paddle at the beginning of my journey and if I can offer advice to for some the things I've learnt along the way, then I shall. Everything I have created thus far, I have done on my own. Starting a business is about taking that leap, being able to adjust and never giving up// even if things don't work out right away

I won't go crazy into details, because your plan will vary based on your business. This is merely to encourage you to take that leap of faith to do what you LOVE! 

Start small, and do what you do WELL before taking the next step. It's hard not to continue to strive for more, but bigger is not always better if your work starts to reflect that! 

Do your research, develop a business strategy, and FOLLOW IT! This has to be the most important step in my opinion. If you don't have a plan of where you're going, how are you supposed to get there? Of course things change, but to have an idea of what your goals are make a huge difference!

My last bit of advice// be a visionary. Expect that sometimes things WON'T work the way you want them to. Obstacles do arise, but how you handle them make all the difference. Learn from your mistakes. 


Xx From me to chew


March 26th, 2020.
Our first blog post on the website. I figured since I already have a blog page I might as well connect the business + blog to create this section of my website. It made the most sense to make this post about how and why my business began.

I've always had a passion to create. Growing up my mom always encouraged us to learn basic life skills: sewing, knitting, cooking etc. Circa 2012, I went to Michael's to purchase some beads to make a bracelet I saw online. (because mom always said to support businesses but also try to do things for yourself). From here, it rooted my passion to create all the beaded things, bracelets, necklaces, barefoot sandals, head chains and and and and. My friends loved all the items I was creating and would come to me if they wanted something made. This is where my little business began, making beaded creations. I'd set up my 4 little containers of seed beads in the backyard, blaring Sublime, sipping on lemonade while I created healing stone jewelry. Hence the business name (Hippie Assemblage- a Hippie wannabe assembling jewelry). FUN FACT// This is actually when my friendship sparked with my girl Court (CC Crafts & Creations) whose business started with making jewelry, and has now transitioned to making gorgeous hair accessories and kimonos!! 

Fast forward 6 years, I had our first child Kinsley. This little girl began teething early in her life. I hunted locally for teething accessories, but nothing really caught my eye. I decided to search around online for reputable companies to create some of my own accessories for her. I received my first order and put SEVERAL items together for us. I shared a photo on my instagram and got tons of feedback// I had friends and moms messaging me asking if I would make them some items.

Here we are, 2 years into the teething accessory business. I cannot believe how much I have accomplished in the last couple years. I did my first craft show, was welcomed into two local stores, opened and designed my own website AND designed my own Lake Superior wooden teether (thank you Wheatland Woodshop for manufacturing these). I can't wait to see where my business goes from here, and I have to thank each and every one of you for helping me get to where I am today.

From me to chew!! XOXOX